Blue Zones

Researchers, doctors and demographers across the world have identified geographic areas of the world where people live longer as well as healthier lives.

On the world map, academicians have drawn concentric blue circles after studying these areas and have termed them the ''Blue Zones''.

These longevity hotspots are located in Okinawa (Japan); Sardinia (Italy); Nicoya( Costa Rica); Icaria ( Greece) and Loma Linda, California. The people here share good health and longevity. Researchers have concluded that they share common lifestyle characteristics which are responsible for their long lives.

Our Concierge is hugely inspired by the '' Blue Zones'' theory and our healthcare system is designed to provide every member with transportable ideals and adaptable lifestyle modifications that they deserve.

This concierge is crafted with an aim to help you live longer, healthier and a more meaningful life.