About Dr. Atul Mashru

Those who know Dr. Mashru, know his zest for life and health. The passion and determination he puts into his concern with his patients, makes him a doctor par excellence. His vision has always been futuristic and progressive, striving to combine modern technology with traditional human touch of experience to diagnose and treat his patients.

As a Concierge physician, he enjoys more time and quality practice which gives him and his patients a fulfilling and rewarding experience. It isn't always possible to give enough time and medical attention from a holistic point of view to all patients. Understanding the need of the hour, he now gives priority to the Grand Concierge so that he can do justice to these members and help them live long and healthy lives.

He believes in having a smaller number of patients and giving them the best care they need. He makes sure every complaint of patient is looked into no matter how small it is and gives solutions for all major and minor health issues. He has always been a proponent of being proactive rather than reactive.

Dr. Mashru works towards giving the best to his patients and help them deal with their acute conditions and manage chronic conditions with his expertise, guidance and the advanced medical care. He has an unending passion of providing his patients the world class treatment options in Mumbai.

You will always be looked after first as a valued individual by your personal physician, Dr. Mashru, who will not just treat you as a patient but will treat you with his holistic and compassionate concern.

Your health and well-being will be Dr. Mashru's top-most priority.